Monday, April 18, 2011

Day 17: My Favorite Spot In-Game

Throughout my WoW life, there have been several places which could vie for my favorite spot in-game.

1.  The Moonglade.  How could I not include the Moonglade?  The Druid's Refuge.  The simple way for a Druid to get from the Eastern Kingdoms to Kalimdor . . . the fast and easy location for respec, no matter where you started . . . the peaceful glade, with nothing to threaten the young Druid looking for a bit of quiet.

Once, I saw a Druid pointlessly kill a squirrel there, and when I asked him about it, he said, "He was looking at me funny."  Now, so many people kill critters that nobody even notices, but back then, the Moonglade was such a place of tranquility that it seemed almost sacreligious to cut down a squirrel in its prime.

The first time I saw someone in Moonglade who was not a Druid was the first time I felt any sense of danger there.  In my early days, no Druid would have dreamed to assault another Druid in the Moonglade.  Once, a Druid attacked me, but I think it was a misclick, and the guards killed him.

2.  As I leveled, going at a snail's pace and taking plenty of time for fishing, I discovered Feralas.  When my husband and I discussed where we would like to live if we were to live in any of the zones in-game, we both agreed that Feralas was a place where we could feel at home.  The lush greenery appealed to us two desert-dwellers, complete with a lovely river and ocean access.  (Although to be honest, my husband probably wouldn't like quite that much humidity.)  Sometimes I would just go to the area to soak up the green overdose and enjoy feeling like I was in a cooler location, breathing in the fresh air of the plant-rich environment.

I was sad to see that Feathermoon Stronghold had been destroyed and rebuilt on the continent.  Although I can understand the location is more convenient, it was kind of fun to be able to shift into water travel form and beat the boat going from the continent to the stronghold.

3.  In Burning Crusade, I discovered Nagrand.  Who wouldn't love gorgeous green scenery with floating islands supporting waterfalls being fed by unknown means?  I loved questing there, because it was so easy to get so much done, all while surrounded by the refreshing greenery and the pastel sky.  When I made my first mini-page for Anachan, attached to my family webpage (but not actually linked from it, because, again, my parents wouldn't have been particularly happy to hear I was still playing . . . when do you outgrow the desire to please your parents? Or should you?), I made divider graphics from the pastel skies of Nagrand, cropped to thin rectangles.  For a while, my desktop background was from a screenshot I took of the Nagrand scenery, which brought a smile to my face and peace to my heart.

4.  In Northrend, I loved Howling Fjord and Ulduar, but I've already written about those.

It's difficult to say if I have a favorite spot in the new Cataclysm zones.  Of course, I'd have to like Mount Hyjal, at least the pretty parts.  I play a Druid, after all.  And if I had a real reason to be there more often, I'd probably go.  But by and large, I'm usually focused so much on results these days--getting mats for things, reaching a goal, etc.--that I haven't been taking the time to sit down and look around me as much. 

I guess my favorite spot in-game right now is any place where I am with my guildies, working toward a goal.

And maybe Arathi Basin.

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  1. When I was a wee druid and I first went to Moonglade, I thought that the "don't attack anything here!" extended to critters, so I was terrified of accidentally killing a deer and getting punished!