Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Day 19: My Stuff

What the stuff in my bags and bank says about me:

It says I procrastinate cleaning things out. There are some items I am pretty sure I will never use again--trinkets two expansions old, for instance, or anything from Wrath meant for feral use, which I never used to begin with--but I just haven't gotten around to pitching. (Maybe I should go do that today.)

It says I have a certain amount of sentiment relative to some items/experiences in the game. In my bag, I keep the Fortune Card sent to me by my GM, which just seemed to fit. In my bank, I have Wrath tier, as well as some other items I just don't want to get rid of yet. I have Memento of Tyrande, which dropped on our first Illidan kill. I have Val'anyr, of course, which needs no further explanation. I have a few seasonal items, which would probably be the first to go if I decided to seriously clean things out, because I know I could get those again if I really wanted to do so.

It says I like to be independent and prepared.  In my bank, I have a 36-slot herbalist bag, made by my mage alt, in which I store stacks of herbs gathered on two characters for cauldron flasks.  I also have up to two stacks of Seafood Magnifique feasts, waiting to be used in the next week's raiding.  In my bags, I have stacks of flasks and Stormvine, ready to be mixed into cauldrons.  (Knowing, of course, that cauldrons are soulbound, and not knowing if I will actually be the one who is called upon to drop them.  I might be better served passing the non-bound mats to another person chosen for the task.)  Although I know the chances are high we will have a mage in raid--we have four--I have at least two stacks of water, just in case.  Also just in case, I keep gear in my bags for playing balance, as well as pvp.  (Admittedly, I only have a couple of pieces for pvp, but it's a start.)

My bags also say I do not like to spend a lot of gold for little return.  Although there are larger bags available on the market, I have the unique-equipped bags I picked up in Wrath, as well as Frostweave bags made by  my mage alt.  I figure the cost required to get 2-4 more slots, in most cases, simply isn't worth it.

And, yes, that applies to me out of game, as well.

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