Thursday, April 28, 2011

Rats, Part II

Sakura finally reached the point where we had to put her down.  My husband refused to let her live in such pain.

My daughter, the artist, took solace in our suggestion that she prepare a coffin for Sakura.  We found a box from a video card which seemed to be the ideal size and which was in a basic black.  She spent several hours carefully decorating it inside and out.

My husband made the effort to carve Sakura's name in a convenient rock with his Dremel tool, which wasn't easy.

And on Easter morning, the family gathered to pay their last respects to Sakura beside the spreading bush in the backyard.  No pet rat ever had a finer good-bye.

I am still working on getting a new friend for Daisy.  It's surprising how hard it can be to reach people, sometimes . . . or how busy they can be when you actually do.  In the mean time, the girls are doing a good job of making sure she gets a good deal of attention when they are home from school.

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  1. That's gorgeous. 23 ratty hugs + 1 from me.