Sunday, April 3, 2011

Day 2: Why Blog?

I like to write.  I always have.

When I was a teenager, I did copious amounts of hand-written journalling.  (Now, they make me laugh, but at the time, I was very serious about it all.)  As a young college student with my own computer (*gasp*), I started journalling on my computer, but I printed everything out, as well, mindful that formats may change, etc.  (Especially since, back then, we had 5.25-inch floppies for backup, which were very fragile.)  I still have all those journals, tucked away.  Maybe someday I'll let my kids read them, if they can decipher my handwriting and if they don't get too bored.

My teachers always thought I would become a writer someday, so I figured one day I would write a book.  But as time has gone on, I have realized I don't really like to write novels or fiction much, in general.  I have tried--I really have--thinking that maybe I would turn out some great novel which would enable my family to have financial security, or even some not-so-great novel I would publish under a pseudonym which would just help to pay the bills.  But although I have documented my basic premises and even done some character development, those projects quickly lose my interest.  They are saved, though, in case I ever catch fire.

I do, however, enjoy essays based upon personal experience.  (No surprise to anyone who has been reading my blog, I'm sure.)  And I find that writing is a great way for me to think things through or collect and organize my own thoughts.  It's cathartic, helping me work through emotions, as well, and helping me make sense and learn from my own experience.  (And I've always wondered what is the use of my going through certain trials if I cannot pass on that experience to others, as well.  Ask my children:  I frequently teach them by stories from my own experience.  Luckily, they love me enough to sometimes ask to hear them again.)

So, really, I started this blog because I enjoy writing and I benefit greatly by the exercise.  The subject matter is removed enough from my private life that I don't worry about publishing it, because it's not overly personal (except the ones I don't actually publish and, perhaps, except for my one about Raiding and Autism), and it is one with which I can have a lot of fun.  I've also found that there are a lot of things which go on in the WoW game experience which can be applied to real life situations, as well, and I learn from those when I write about them.

I make no claims to being a superb WoW analyst or anything, just someone who writes commentary.  Like some of the people who write opinion columns, I see things happening and like to write about them.  (Preferably in generalized terms, so the people involved will not feel like there are fingers pointing at them.  That's where I differ from the columnists, lol.)

While I never expect great things or large audiences, it is nice to know there are some who do enjoy reading my scribblings.  I still keep a record of the countries from which people have discovered my blog.  (I'm up to 32 countries, as of yesterday!)  When one lives in a rural area, it is nice to feel that there are other people out there with whom they can communicate, even a little bit.  It's like someone out there reached out their finger and touched mine, much as Michelangelo's picture of God giving life to Adam.

Anyway, it's not very spectacular (I didn't wake up one morning and think, "I have so much to tell the world, I've just gotta blog!"), but that's about it.

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