Tuesday, April 19, 2011

So My Priest Hit 85

And now I have a problem.

To be honest, I'm not sure I wanted her to hit 85.  Hitting 85 means that, except for the accumulation of gold, there is no point to questing.  Hitting 85 means that the only game left to her, really, is gearing, and she is not intending to raid.

I no longer have my favorite little "casual" character.  She's 85.

She could have dinged 85 a long time ago, if I had wanted her to ding.  But I stopped questing and employed her in gathering herbs for raising her Inscription.  (As one of our chief Inscriptors got banned, I figured we needed someone else to help make glyphs for the guild achievement.  That said, trying to sell glyphs is a pain in the neck.  Good thing I'm not really in it for the money.  I can just go gather herbs, mill them, make them into glyphs, and figure I'm helping the guild.)  This meant she spent a good deal of time within four (then three, then two) bars of 85.

Finally, I decided I needed to be able to go to Twilight Highlands, for something relating to her Inscription.  So I ran around with the prince of Stormwind, doing the quests to start her on the path for Twilight Highlands.  And then it happened.  She dinged.

Congratulations came in from the guild, to which I said, "Thanks."  But the moment was bittersweet.

Maybe next weekend or something, I'll feel inclined to play her a bit.  Maybe I'll even dust off my Discipline healing skill and run a regular lower-Cataclysm instance or something.  Maybe I'll run a bg or two (my mage made her some nice resilience stuff in the process of leveling Tailoring.)  But for now, I'll let her rest.

/whisper . . . I've been hiding out the last couple of days with my Worgen druid . . . She has no future once she joins up with the rest of the Alliance, but right now it's fun to see the story line.

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  1. I totally know what you are talking about! I have a ton of alts (none are 85 yet), but I just don't know what to do with them once they are max level, since I never plan to raid on anything but my main. I'm afraid that I'll level them up to 85 and then retire them as profession mules :(