Monday, April 11, 2011

Day 10: Blog/Website Favorites

Blog favorites:  Look to the right.  ;)

That is not a complete list of all the blogs on my reading list, however.  I'm still discovering.  :)

WoW Website favorites:

I like to hit Tankspot for strat videos.
Wowhead, of course.
I go to the official World of Warcraft site, but I don't browse the forums as closely as I used to do.
Of course, Tempest's web site.

Non-WoW Website favorites:

Drudge Report
Amazon  (When you live in the sticks, you order a lot of stuff.)
Rush Limbaugh (Yep, I'm a "Rush Babe".)
Reuters' Oddly Enough  (They do manage to collect some interesting stories.)
LDS site (Official church website for members.  As a Sunday School teacher, I find it handy to be able to look up curriculum and resources easily.  The site geared toward non-members, with more basic information, is at

(I will refrain from being so tasteless as to link my own blog as a favorite website, lol, but I sure do spend a good deal of time here.)

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