Monday, April 25, 2011

Healing Research

That's my excuse, anyway.

The last thing I need is another Alliance character, right? But now that Anachan is well-stocked with mats and supplies, and now that Kaminoko is 85, and now that my Worgen Druid is hobnobbing with the rest of the Alliance (and so has no more purpose), I was finding myself staring at the game again, asking myself, "Why?" (Indication number one that I need to find something else to do when I'm too tired to do gardening, dejunking, cooking, etc.)

This is why, although my husband would protest I can just go play his if I want to play one, I am working on a paladin.  I figure to be a better healing lead, I should understand something more about the abilities available to the various healing classes.  Even if I never make it to max level, at least I will start to understand something more about the lingo of the paladin . . . "Seals?", "Judgements?", "Holy Power?" . . . at least I could understand "Aura".  Instead of just taking someone's word about something, I will be able to experience it a little and gain some further understanding in that fashion.

I am not a talented gamer, which is why I can't just pick up my husband's 80-something pally and know what to do with it.  The plethera of spells and abilities are almost mind-bogglingly overwhelming.  For me to really understand a character, I have to raise it from low-level.

On the bright side, after Elwynn Forest, so much is new that it isn't feeling too much like a grind.  I ran through the Westfall quests with Anachan after the change, just to see what everyone was talking about, so they are still fresh for me.  Last night, I managed to finish off a good deal of Elwynn Forest and went from start to finish in Westfall, skipping the sideline quests for now.  (Six more to get the achievement.  I think I'll go back and do them.) She went from level 8 to level 15.

I thought long and hard about bringing her into the guild, but in the end, I decided she would be better off guilded.  After all, she gets bonuses, including leveling bonuses, and if I want to learn as much as possible about the class, this could be to my advantage.  (Learn about more abilities faster . . .)  I should look at getting her some heirlooms . . .

Her name is Hikarinoko. Sounds a lot like Kaminoko, right? It should. Kaminoko is "child of God", while Hikarinoko is "child of light". I figured it was appropriate for a paladin.

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