Saturday, April 9, 2011

Day 8: 10 Things You Don't Know About Me

Ten things in-game you don't know about me:

1.  I spent a good deal of leveling time in Ashenvale and almost all my time in Stranglethorn Vale in stealthed cat form because of the Horde.  I was a real chicken, and I hated being ganked.

2.  I combination keyboard turn and mouse turn.  Hey, why lock yourself into just one?  It's hard to mouse move while healing with mouseover techniques, but there are times when keyboard turning just won't do the job.  (Obviously.)  When I'm just traveling, I tend to mouse move.  It's easier.

3.  I click.  At least as a healer I have an excuse:  Vuhdo or Grid and Clique.  Call me bad; at this point, I simply don't care.  (If I ever got serious about playing a dps character, I'd bind.  But questing with my shadow priest just doesn't require it.)

4.  Anachan learned First Aid at level 60, only because I read a guide on soloing the spider in LBRS for the boots, and it recommended learning First Aid for the attempt.  (Never did attempt soloing.  Did a stealth 3-man run and got the boots the first try.)

5.  Anachan learned Cooking at level 70 because I had a suspicion I was going to be server-transferring, so I was not going to be able to send my fish to my friend who would cook them for me anymore.

6.  Anachan leveled Fishing early.  I ran down to Booty Bay way before I should have been able to go there, just for the fishing.  I fished in Southshore with my character in her teens, before any fish schooled, and sold the Oily Blackmouth on the AH.  (In sets of 4, because that was the amount required for one potion and there was no AH deposit for that size stack.  A stack of 4 sold for about 35 silver or so at the time on my server.)  This is how I got my 100 gold for my first riding mount.

7.  I spent hours and hours fishing because I had eye surgery and couldn't see well for several weeks.  As long as my pointer was generally positioned over the fishing bobber, I could hear when the bobber splashed and click at the right time.  I used to say I fished "by sound."

8.  I don't drink alcohol in-game.  (I don't drink alcohol out of game, either.  Of course, I do a lot of things in-game that I don't do out of game, but in-game alcohol drinking is usually unnecessary, so I choose not to do it.)

9.  My first Horde character, made in BC to visit the Blood Elf lands, was a mage named Anachan.  (Such originality in names, hm?)  She only made it to level 20, when she had to leave the BE lands.  I just couldn't bring myself to associate with the rest of the Horde.  (I couldn't even do the quest which required killing Night Elves . . . waaay too overdeveloped sense of loyalty.  I have since managed to get a BE hunter to level 50, but she was started much later in Wrath, and I was playing her primarily so I could chat with friends who had faction-changed, so the circumstances were different.)

10.  I think I really used to be addicted to WoW, although I did not want to admit it.  The need to log on and accomplish something every day was almost physical in its strength.  The best thing I can say about Cataclysm is that it has cured me of this intense need.  I am no longer addicted.  There are some nights (non-raid nights) when I sit down, log on, look at my character screen, and think, "Why?"  The other night, I sat down, logged on, looked at my character screen, thought "Why", logged off, and painted a wall in my kitchen.  It is a lovely blue.

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