Monday, April 11, 2011

Day 9: My First Blog Post

Oooops!  Should have posted this yesterday.  (Jet lag?  Will you buy that?)

This seems a silly topic.  After all, you can just look in my blog history to see my first blog post for this blog.

But in a manner of speaking, this isn't my first blog.  Years ago (Wow--before 2000), I created a family website, mostly so I could have a "web presence", so old friends could find me if they wanted.  (Facebook wasn't around.)  I started on a free service called "Angelfire", then moved to "Geocities".  Later on, we moved it to our own domain, hosted by Godaddy, and there it sits, not updated for the past three years . . .

I had a page with books I recommended.  I had a page linking to some of my bad poetry.  I had a page with recipes.  I had a page "About Me", mostly so I could have a place for my full name, including maiden name.  (For those old friends who may not have known my married name.)  And I had one oddball page with a colorfully-told (in my opinion) story of my battles with the family hamster.

I didn't really consider it a blog--I didn't know what a blog was at that time--but it was my first foray into web publishing.  I had to code the HTML when I first started it, which meant I did some learning from on-line tutorials and discovered the joy of looking at someone else's webpage and reading the code to see how they did something.  Web publishing has come a long, long way since then, but that page is still the simple thing it was, and when I finally get around to updating it, I will not change that aspect.

I will not link to that page, because that really would be more information than I am willing to give out in conjunction with this blog.  I had thought to leave you with one of my pieces of bad poetry, but then I Googled it and found it lead right to my family page . . . (Bing didn't have me in the first 5 pages.  Didn't look after that.)

Oh, well.  You can live without more of my bad poetry.

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