Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Day 18: My Favorite Outfit

Generally speaking, I have approached my character's outfits with a practical frame of mind.  If the use of an item will make me a better player, I will deal with the ugliness, although I will be thankful when I can replace it with something nicer.

The first piece I had which I really enjoyed wasn't even tier.  Way back, when I was leveling slowly, my husband found something on the Auction House which he thought would be beneficial to me and picked it up.  It was the Big Voodoo Robe, a crafted item for a level 38 character.  (Wish I knew how to make those little boxes pop up to just show the stats, instead of putting in a link.)  It was the cutest outfit I had to that point, and the stats were good enough I wore it for several levels.  I had a blue shirt on beneath, which technically didn't match, but which ended up being good enough for me.  It made me feel pretty and somewhat individual, as not a whole lot of people actually ran around wearing it.

That kind of individuality is pretty much lost at end-game, it seems.  We all aim for the latest fashionable (or unfashionable) tier.

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