Wednesday, April 27, 2011


Patch 4.1 brought the Tranquility cooldown for talented Restoration Druids down to 3 minutes.

He he he he . . . . .

Last night, while battling the patch boss (the one which glitches encounters, causes lag spikes, and forces everyone to turn off half their addons), our raid went to Bastion of Twilight.  We had three Restoration Druids among our healers.

For Halfus, two of us were assigned to tank heal, while the third was one healing the raid.  After the encounter, the Druid on raid healing practically shrieked in whispered delight.  "15k!  I used Tranquility and Tree of Life twice!"

There was some definite giggle factor in being able to use Tranquility twice.  For me, it was a real change in thinking.  Between the mana cost and the long cooldown, I had almost never used Tranquility, unless we were in dire straits or it was planned beforehand.  But last night, with two Restoration Shamans in the raid, mana was not as big a concern.  And with the cooldown reduced dramatically, making the choice to use the spell didn't seem as momentous a decision.  After all, it could be up again before the end of the fight, ready for that final push.

The evening culminated in Cho'gall.  All three Restoration Druids used Tranquility twice, staggered throughout the encounter.  (How we managed to successfully stagger it and not stomp on each other's Tranquility, I am not sure.  Just got lucky.)  It was downright comfortable.

I think we'll be seeing a lot more Tranquility and a lot more tranquil healers.  (Until we hit Heroics . . .)

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