Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Day 12: A usual day in my life/online time

Usual day in my life . . .  I'll stick with a raiding day.  (It's easier to predict.)

5:45:  Alarm rings.  I go call the girls to get up and head to the kitchen to make hot chocolate in my hot chocolate maker.

5:55:  Remind the girls to get up and praise the ones who have.

6:05:  Start getting a bit mad at the girl who hasn't gotten out of bed yet.  Remind her to feed her rats and remind my eldest to feed her dog BEFORE she gets to fixing her hair.  (Remember, the dog can't feed himself, and it's not fair to make him wait.)

6:15:  Stare at that last daughter until she gets her clothes on and gets out of bed.

6:20:  Pray and read scriptures with the girls, discussing topics and drinking hot chocolate as we go along.  Maybe do some key scripture reference practice, where they compete to see who can identify the scripture and find it in their books first. (They have breakfast at school, and most of them aren't hungry at this time in the morning.)

6:40:  End scripture study and send the girls off to get their teeth brushed.

6:50:  Remind the girls to put their backpacks on so they will be ready when the bus comes.

6:55:  Bus.  Get the girls out the door.  Go get dressed if I haven't been able to fit it in earlier.

7:05:  Kiss husband, leave the house to get to work.  (Yes, you can tell how much time I spend fixing my hair.  The advantage of keeping it kind of longish.  The ladies here would kill me if they knew how long it took for me to get ready . . .)

WORK.  Lunch somewhere in there.  Work is a lot of stuff done at the computer, mostly.  Honestly not terribly interesting most days.

4:40 pm:  Call the house to remind the girls (especially 2nd daughter) to start working on homework.

5:30:  Go home.  Start working on dinner.  Check up on girls with homework.  Send some girls to the stable to feed the horses.  Toss a load of laundry in the washing machine.

6:30:  Dinner.

6:45:  Dishes.  Check laundry.

7:15:  Get the two little girls ready for bed.

7:30:  Raid time.  Make sure 2nd daughter is seated at her desk if she has homework she hasn't finished.

8:00:  Sneak away (ok, not sneak--but manage to get away) to tuck in the little girls.  Give hugs, kisses, rub noses.  Sing silly song, and start a CD playing.

9:00:  Remind the teenagers it is time for bed, as it is a school night.  Give kisses as desired.

9:30:  Raid break time.  Make a smoothie or get a glass of water for husband.  Find the almonds or get a bowl of cereal or whatever other snack he is wanting.  Make hot chocolate or get a glass of water for myself.

11:30:  End of raid.

11:45:  Sleeping.

My showers are snuck in between things, such as when dinner is in the oven and such.  I only take about 10 minutes, anyway, from start to being dressed, with wet hair.  (My eldest daughter attended New Mexico Military Institute (NMMI) for a while, where the females were only allowed 3-minute showers.  A lot of us, including myself, tend to take NMMI showers these days.  Some might call it "environmentally friendly."  We call it "making sure there is enough hot water for everyone.")  Last night, my NMMI shower happened during raid break.  (And, yes, I was back on time.)

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