Saturday, April 16, 2011

Day 15: My Desktop Background

Long, long ago (in a galaxy far, far away . . .) I used to like very large, elaborate and colorful desktop backgrounds.

Then my computer lagged behind the software I was using.  My brother-in-law suggested that having such complicated backgrounds might be taking up more memory than I wanted, so I went to very small and simple backgrounds.

After a while, I realized I actually liked less complex backgrounds, because I tend to clutter my desktop with icons.  If I have a complex background, it makes it difficult to see the icon clutter.

For a long time, after I got Memento of Tyrande, I had a picture of Tyrande in the center, with the outside all black.  And that was all.

I finally decided it was time to change.  After looking around, I decided upon the Night Elf crest, which is placed on a black background:

And that is all there is to it.  I have this in the center, and the rest is black.

Now, my computer could handle a more complex background--it's a far cry from that computer which was having trouble--but first, I'd have to declutter my desktop.

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