Friday, April 22, 2011

After the 20 Days

They say it takes 21 days to form a habit.  I wonder if it sometimes takes only 20.  It seems a little funny not having a topic on a list to post today, after finishing the 20 Day challenge from Spellbound.  (Thanks to Kurn, through whom I found it . . .)

It was an interesting exercise, and at least it kept me posting frequently.  (I can't say it kept me writing every day, because there was a time there where I had to go on a trip, so I pre-wrote everything and just posted from my smartphone each day . . .)  I think, though, that the mentality that I would be writing more carried over outside the challenge.  I found I wanted to write a lot more about different things than I might have been otherwise inclined to do.  (Some are drafts which will probably never see the light of publication . . .)

Sometimes I felt I had revealed too much about myself.  For instance, I probably would have removed half of the "What Upsets Me" material, except for the subsequent events, which made for some interesting commentary.  I also wrote a long post about my favorite place out of game (which was allowed in the challenge), then decided readers would most likely rather hear about my favorite places in-game, with which they could relate.  So I kept that one in my Drafts folder and rewrote the topic.

It was interesting to see Kurn's take on the challenge, as well.  Sometimes we approached the topics from entirely different interpretations.  I guess that's something interesting about the challenge:  no two people will interpret the topic exactly the same.  (There is no "right answer"!)

And now, I'm revealing something else about myself, which is probably not too terribly surprising to anyone:  I get caught in analysis on trivia.  I finish a blogging challenge, and the first thing I do is sit here and analyze the experience.  /rolleyes.  As a writer, this isn't a really big deal, but it becomes a problem when you are faced with the purchase of an item you are not in the habit of buying regularly and get bogged down in "analysis paralysis" until you tire yourself out and just leave the store with nothing because the decision is too overwhelming.  (Yea . . .)

Now to figure out what I will write for the next 20 days . . . or something . . .

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