Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Favorite Things

Following the example of Lathere, who got the shared topic from Blog Azeroth, I thought it might be fun to write up a post about some of my favorite things in Wrath of the Lich King.

Favorite Title

This one should be obvious, as I am still wearing it: Herald of the Titans.  I like this title because it is truly rare on my server.  At the time we completed this encounter, we were the third group Alliance-side that we knew of to complete it.

I like the title because nobody can say, as they can with Starcaller, "Oh, but you just went in when you overgeared the instance and downed the boss."  It's one which says, "We worked hard for this title, and our skill showed."  (Ok, in our case, there was a lot of luck, too, but you get the idea.  We didn't steamroll the encounter.)

Favorite Quest Chain

My favorite quest chain has got to be the one wherein we help the dying paladin at Silent Vigil who faces the destiny of becoming Scourge.  I don't role-play, and frequently I do not pay much attention to the lore (which makes it very confusing when some of the others who do start talking about names and places), but for some reason, I became very involved in this quest chain.

Each time I was sent on an errand to find one more thing which might help the paladin, I hoped this time, it would be the one.  And each time, I was saddened to find that the attempt was unsuccessful.

By the time A'dal came to take the soul of the paladin, offering as his blessing that he would be able to die and come to the Light, rather than become Scourge, I sat at my computer in tears.  I cried that we had been unsuccessful in saving his life and removing the curse, but I cried even more knowing that he would be happy with the end result.  (I even cried when I did the chain for the second time with my mage.)

This quest chain is my favorite because no other chain engaged me as much and because it showed me that, yes, paying attention to the lore instead of just saying, "8 Ghouls--right," can be rewarding.

Favorite Raiding Instance

Ulduar!!  Hands down Ulduar.

First of all, it's pretty.  (The floors are not decorated with the skulls of the vanquished.)

Secondly, there is a lot of variety in the encounters.

Third, the lore aspect is actually pretty fun.  (No, I didn't pay attention to it the first time.  It took others in Druid chat to alert me to the coolness of it all.)

Forth, the Yogg-Saron fight is one of the most well-designed and fun encounters in the game.

Ulduar has the distinction of being a raiding instance I still enjoy visiting.  Naxx was all right.  ToC was excessively boring after not too terribly long.  ICC is fun, but we're still working on our Heroic aspects.  But Ulduar is a great place to just hang out and soak up the atmosphere in between boss pulls.

Favorite Questing Zone

That would have to be Howling Fjord.  My husband and I started out in Borean Tundra, because we took the boat from Stormwind.  (To be honest, we hadn't done our homework enough to know how to get to the other starting zone, so we figured we might as well.)  It was all right.  We progressed through the quests well enough, but it was a rather dull-looking place.

Then one day, some guildies asked if I would heal Utgarde Keep for them.  They summoned me to the instance, so I really did not know where it was, and off we went.  As we ran outside to the terrace leading to the final boss, I was struck by the gorgeous scenery.  It was breathtaking.  (Literally.  I almost stopped dead in my tracks and forgot to heal.)

I knew that my husband, with Norweigian ancestry, would love this place, so after the instance, I told him, "I think we should change zones."

I enjoyed questing in Howling Fjord mostly because of the beautiful scenery, but also because there was quite a bit of variety to the quests.

Anyway, these are a few of my favorite things . . . ;)

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  1. Herald of the Titans is a wicked title! I really hope my guild group get it before the expansion closes :)

    I was so looking forward to Howling Fjord when I first went into Wrath however I got ganked so much that I have to admit I never fully finished the zone until about a year later when I was leveling my mage. That boat ride when you first enter the area was pretty epic :)