Monday, September 13, 2010

Deep Meditation

Today, I finally lost it.

After all my optimism, hope, and confidence that Blizzard would eventually balance Cataclysm Druid healing, I broke down and cried.  (Just a little.)

So many people have been saying for so long that things need to be changed.  When voices have been calling out and bringing numbers from the PTR to support their opinions, and nothing seems to be happening, it is hard to maintain a positive attitude toward the whole thing.

Crying was actually good; it was cathartic.  The bad part was that it was at work.  (At least the only person who saw me was my husband.)

So now what?  Well, it's time to regain calm, to refocus, and to TOTALLY IGNORE ANYTHING ANYONE IS SAYING ABOUT THE PTR until at least the Cataclysm release date is officially announced and patch 4.0 is staring us in the face.  (Then I'll madly read up on stuff so I can figure out how to properly assign my healers.)

So what would any Druid do in this situation?  Teleport: Moonglade, of course.  There, in the peace of Nighthaven or by the lake below, a Druid can regain her calm by meditating beneath the trees or communing with her fellow Druids, who will point out that eventually they will all be going to the Emerald Dream, anyway, and no longer have to deal with patches, developer nerfs, or dps who claim they died because the healers were sitting on their hands.

Putting things into perspective makes everything clear.  Ooooooohmmmmmm.

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  1. I wouldn't worry about it too much. the reading up madly part that is. you can always lean on me so to speak to help with the healing assignments.