Friday, September 3, 2010

Into the Nether

This week, our raid suffered a loss.  One of our raid leaders, on a Warlock main, decided it was time to retire from the game.

To be honest, I had known he was looking at taking a break for a while and was biding his time until the other raid leader came back from vacation.  His real life was taking a toll on his health and his enjoyment of the game, and he was continuing mostly because he wanted to help guildies reach their achievement goals.  Last weekend, many of them did, and he was satisfied that his obligation there had been met.

He joined Tempest almost exactly two years ago, shortly before Wrath of the Lich King was released.  He showed signs of leadership by organizing 10-man runs in Wrath and eventually became an officer and raid leader.

It wasn't always rosy.  His personality rubbed some people the wrong way, but people change as they move through time and relationships, and things improved.  By the time he decided it was time to leave, he had earned much respect in quarters where there had previously been disapproval.

We wish him good luck, low stress, and much happiness.

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