Friday, August 27, 2010

There's Always Something Good

Some people laugh at me because they frequently hear me say, "On the bright side . . ."  They say I'm too Pollyanna-ish or quixotic.  (On the bright side, they did laugh . . . when they had been worried/sad/down about something before . . .)

I think that being happy is a choice.  I can choose to be upset at things which happen, or I can choose to look at life through the rosy lens of hope, believing that things will work out for the good.  (Might take a considerable amount of effort, but nothing truly worthwhile is free.)  And so I choose to count my blessings, find the good, and play Pollyanna's "Glad Game."

The good thing about having technical difficulties with my badge printer at work is that I learn so much more about it.

The good thing about having my hair develop some wave as I've gotten older is that if I wash my hair in the morning, rather than the evening, I usually do not have to style it, and it still has bounce and body.  (At least, at this length.)

The good thing about encountering opposition when proposing ideas as a guild officer is that I learn whether I'm really operating on principle or a quitter.

The good thing about having a hard raid night, where things just don't seem to work right and the group is wiping on bosses they should be able to kill or have killed many times already is . . . (Ok, that's a tough one . . . but I'll take a stab at it.) you find out who is really dedicated to the raid.

My good things today?
  • My husband is coming home after being gone almost a week for work.  (The good thing about work travel is the homecoming . . . well, there is the job security, too.)
  • I have chocolate.  (Always a good thing, in small, dark quantities.)
  • I can be proud of my little 14-yr-old Stargirl that she joined the spirit club at school and will be doing her part tonight to sell fun little items at the first football game.  Nobody has more loyalty or more enthusiasm for a school where most of her classmates have a hard time accepting her differences.
  • The week's raiding went reasonably smoothly, considering both of our Shadowmourne wielders--one of whom is our main raid leader--are on vacation.
  • I ordered a cute little grey robotic owl to sit on the top of my laptop . . . using a gift certificate I got from completing surveys!
  • And after many days of writer's block, I've figured out something to write on this blog.

 Pollyanna had it right: look for reasons to be glad.

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