Thursday, August 12, 2010

Reading the Directions

At the top of our guild application, there is a statement saying, "Make sure you have read the sticky entitled 'MUST READ *BEFORE* APPLYING.'"

Notice the all caps and the asterisks in the title of the sticky.  It's hard to miss.  In addition, this statement is set in bold and italics. (If I could have figured out how to change the font size in an edit, I would have done that, too.)

I probably should have included, "If you do not read it, I will know.  I can see inside your brain," or something like that.  I will, you know.  I will know if they read it, or at least, if they read it and paid attention to the details.

Guild officers sticky things for a reason.  This one has been there since, well, since before I applied.  It states the general attitude requirements, preparation requirements, and so forth expected of raiders in the guild, so that hopefully those who do not fit the bill will not waste our time applying.

To be completely honest, I do not expect that those who do not have a "Guild First" attitude will admit this, as it may be perceived to be in their best selfish interests to get into a guild with a good deal of ICC Heroic encounters on farm.  At least it gives the guild officers grounds to kick them later on when they show their true colors.  (This is usually not necessary, to be honest.  People who are obviously selfish tend to be either marginalized by the guild members or become bored with the normal pace of raiding and eventually leave on their own.)

The sticky which is required reading points out that raiding requires a certain amount of attention span which can be demonstrated by reading the sticky in its entirety.  I might add that it shows a willingness to pay attention to details, instead of going through life haphazardly.  Reading the sticky also demonstrates respect to the guild and the guild officers, instead of blowing off a request which, as the sticky points out, can auto-deny an applicant.

But in the time since I have started keeping track of this, only about two of the dozen or so applicants have read the sticky.

I heard this once:  "The woman who does not read is no better off than the woman who cannot read."  (Yes, it applies to you men, too . . .)  C'mon, people, read the directions . . .

Note:  I did finally figure out how to change the font size; it required actually editing the code.  Maybe people will notice it now . . . figure the odds . . .

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