Friday, September 24, 2010


Nope, I'm not going to talk about Druid stats.  I mean blog stats.

Recently, Blogger added a Stats feature, which was something about which I had been curious for a while.  I knew a few people occasionally read in this blog, because they would mention things to me about posts I had written, but still, I wondered.

So now, every day, I can't help myself:  I check the stats.  I check the numbers of views, which pages were viewed, and what browsers were used to view them (not that that really matters for my purposes, however, because I'm not doing any special programming for different browsers).

One stat which has been very interesting for me has been where the viewers are located.  Most of the views come from the United States or Canada, which is as I would expect.  I do not publicize my blog, so most people finding it are coming from a single source (The stats bear that out, too!) and most of the people who access that source are in the US or Canada. But in its lifetime, there have been views from China, France, Australia, and so forth.  In the last week or so, three new countries were added:  Sweden, Denmark, and Brazil!

I know it's silly to be so excited to see another country on my stat list.  I guess it's sort of like the old-time HAM radio operators, who would try to see how far they could make contact on their radios (remember Contact? I love that film!) or like my father, who as a child, would dial through a short-wave radio to see how many stations he could get in other countries.  (He lived in southern New Mexico, so he was able to receive signals from several Latin American countries.)

For whatever reason, it makes me giggle just a little.

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