Thursday, August 25, 2011

Six Words

On our guild forums, we have a thread in which people can post six word statuses.  The idea comes from an NPR story I read a long time ago, which one of my friends posted on Facebook.

We had a lot of fun with it on our old forums, reaching 184 pages and 2748 posts.  Someone even put out a challenge once to write a six-word haiku, which you know I just had to take:

Something in Tempest raiders--
So when our new forums went live, it was natural that someone would start it up there, as well.  It's a great way to express an emotion while still keeping it nebulous enough that people may not really understand exactly to what you are referring.  That said, sometimes people have misunderstood things from it, which has caused occasional consternation in one person or another.  (So sometimes you do have to be careful.)

This post contains six word statuses I thought about posting on our forum today, but decided not to do so.

Courtesy and maturity are elusive traits.

Trinket?  Only over my dead body.

Overall optimism seems so far away.

Country I love sliding so far.

Thankful for empathy from officer corps.
 And a couple especially for this blog:

Blogging can be emotional roller coaster.

Thank goodness for my Drafts folder.
What did I finally post?

Hard to homeschool high school children.

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