Friday, August 5, 2011

Blog Drafts Are Handy

I love my blog Drafts folder.  I can rant and vent and nobody is the wiser.  I can write about something in which nobody else would be interested, then not publish it.  I can write down ideas for posts I haven't fully fleshed out yet, waiting for me to pick them up a week or a month or a year later.  I can keep my country list updated.  And the other day, I started a new possibly useful draft:  People to Avoid.

What triggered it was another visit to the WoW forums.  (Yes, I was bored . . . or not quite awake and just trying to read to get my brain moving . . .)

There was a post on the Guild and Raid Leadership forum from a guy who had just been gkicked from his guild and was upset about it, feeling he had been unjustly treated.  When I read it, I decided to break my silence and tell him he was in the wrong.  (He was.)  About a dozen other people posted in the thread, analyzing why the events had turned out the way they had and recommending what he could do to move on and improve his situation, but he insisted on arguing with them.  He added further details to his story, trying to show he hadn't been as much of a jerk as his initial post indicated.  (I confess his protestations were only proving the initial impression correct, especially as he concluded his participation in the thread by saying all the people who posted with analysis and advice were "annoying people".)

That would have been all there was to it, if I hadn't looked at the name and thought, "Wow, that name looks familiar."  I moused over his name and discovered, to my chagrin, he is on my server.

Well, someone like this is NOT someone I want to see in Tempest.  Ever.  No matter how long he has been playing WoW or how well he says he gets along with people.  (His frequency in changing guilds indicates he is either incorrect on this point or unstable.)  But with my memory, I couldn't be certain I would remember his name to block an application if he submitted one.

So I created a draft.  I included a link to the forum thread, as well as a link to his character information on WoWProgress, which shows his guild-hopping.  (Copied that part over, as I realize it may change and scroll off the display.)  I will hold on to this information unless I have to use it, and even then, I would keep it in the Officer's section of the forum, rather than the public recruitment section.

Part of me wants to tell this individual he's lucky I'm the one from the server to have read it--that it won't be linked on the realm forum where the mean people like to hang out.  But, given that he's being really irrational right now, I'd rather not draw attention to the fact I'm on the same server.  (He doesn't seem to have realized it, guessing from his sweeping comments about the server in general.)

This is not the first time I've noted the name of someone on a WoW forum in case I had to argue against their admittance into Tempest, but last time, I screenshotted the thread and resized the relevant parts using a picture editor.  Using the Drafts folder is easier.

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