Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Pollyanna Makes Another Appearance

With everything going on everywhere, it's been a lot more difficult for me to remain optimistic.  RL world and government events, teenage daughters, frustrations at work, concerns about uncertainties, etc., combined with unexpected family expenses, have made it so my day-to-day happy-go-lucky attitude has taken a hard hit . . .

Which makes it all the more important to sit down every so often and review those things which are good.

Our weekend optional "clean-up" (more like progression) 10-man raiding team has been making great progress.  It's given them some more experience to bring to the 25-man raid when we tackle new bosses, and has been a positive influence to people who get discouraged.  (Hey, I'll stand on the sidelines and wave my pompoms for them!)

And . . . since 10-man raids get the same loot as 25-man raids, some of our raiders are getting "free" loot on these runs.  More people getting loot from 10-man "clean-up" runs mean less competition for items in our 25-man raids, when we get the boss down, and faster gearing of the raid overall, to the benefit of the guild.

The next new boss we get to tackle is Majordomo!  Although I've heard it described as a difficult fight in 25-man, it seems like a lot of fun.  (Oh, dear, didn't I say that about Alysrazor?)  And it's a Druid type of fight, in some ways.  The movement requirements are simpler as a Resto Druid, including being able to shift to cheetah when necessary to move to or from something.  (I still have travel form hotkeyed from Sindragosa.  Occasionally gets to be a problem, if I accidentally click it while in flight form.  Haven't died from this yet, though. /knocks on wood)

As far as I know, there are only 5 regularly-running 25-man raids on our server over both factions.  This means we will always be in the top 5, lol!  Seriously, though, once the number of raids gets this low, competition really doesn't mean much.  We can just play, have fun, and not worry about it.  Pressure off!

My new graphics card should be in today!  /cross fingers.  We decided to go with a mid-priced card which would be leaps and bounds ahead of my old card, yet use a reasonable amount of power.  (We didn't want to find out we had to replace the power supply, too . . . ugh . . .)  That said, I might still be raiding on my husband's laptop tonight, as I don't think he will have the time to install the card before raid time.  (Afternoon meetings and stuff.)

And on a totally unrelated positive side note, I learned how to plant a prickly pear cactus!  Really, it's easy.  Just cut off a pad from an existing one, leave it in the shade for a week so the cut will heal up a bit, then dig a hole and stuff it into the dirt about one-third of the way up.  Where I live, that's it.  Of course, if you want it to grow a bit more quickly, you might want to water it, if it's not the monsoon season, just to help it get started.  I think I'm going to plant a few up by my house, so eventually my daughters and I will have our own supply of pricky pears from which to make pancake syrup, instead of having to march down the hill to the local clump of decorative prickly pear cactus every year, armed with 2-gallon buckets and every set of tongs we can find in the house.  (It's always good to know how to use your natural resources--contributes to self-confidence--and my husband absolutely loves prickly pear syrup.)

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