Thursday, August 4, 2011

A Couple Short Notes

Well, my graphics card didn't come yesterday, but it did come today!  When I look at the tracking, it amazes me the path it took to get here.  Kentucky to Colorado to another Colorado place, to Phoenix, to Las Cruces (NM), to the town with the post office nearest us.  I'm sure if someone drew a picture of its path, it would look something like one of those shell cross-sections they always show us to speak of mathematics in nature or something . . . But why, oh, why, could it not just have gone from Kentucky to El Paso to . . .

Oh, well.  My husband is going to try to put it in this afternoon, if he can get away from work at a reasonable hour, so he can reclaim his laptop.  (He he . . .)

We faced Alysrazor again last night and will be facing her again tonight.  No, she didn't die, but neither did I!!  I did not die once to tornadoes or fire or anything except a called wipe.  The raid leader was disappointed in the attempts, but I was so caught up in my personal victory I could not think of the events as failure.  And I must confess to my raid leader, who will never read this, so I'm pretty safe unless someone squeals, that even when he called a wipe, I refused to die in a tornado.  It was a matter of pride.  After last week, I just had to prove it to myself.

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