Monday, August 22, 2011


Ages ago, I went on an Ulduar 10-man achievement run with some friends, led by a husband-wife team.  As we were all geared above the level of Ulduar, nobody really needed any of the gear that dropped.  However, rather than simply DEing everything, our raid leader would ask, "Does anyone want this for 'Barbie-crafting'?" 

I chuckled at the term, but it seemed very descriptive, especially now, with the announcement of Transmogrification.

At the time, I was amazed anyone would fill up valuable bank space with vanity gear, even though I knew our raid leader's wife was one such person.  One of her sources of amusement was to sit in a capital city, putting outfits together.  Then she'd whisper me, "Look how nicely this staff goes with this outfit!"  I'd go look, evaluate the aethetics, and comment, but I knew I couldn't join her in this kind of activity.  My bank space was at a premium already.

Rather than collect pieces just because they looked cool, it was all I could do to keep my tier, from tier 6 onward.  (Keeping my tier ended up being a good thing, when this husband-wife pair wanted to get a group together for Herald of the Titans.)  And now, several tiers later, despite having a nice large Herb bag and two characters who own gbanks bequeathed to me when this husband-wife team transferred servers, in which I keep most of my mats, my bank space is again at a premium.  So when I heard about void storage , my ears pricked up as they hadn't done for Transmogrification.  It would be nice to have a place to stash my tier, or for my sentimental items such as Memento of Tyrande.  (Or Val'anyr.  I'm never getting rid of that mace.)

So now that I can stop worrying about bag space and start using my imagination, I've been starting to ponder . . . if I could choose whatever look I wanted from the tier I have, what would I choose?  (Certainly not T12, ach, ptooey! Or T9 . . . gag . . . why don't I just throw out that set . . .)  What kind of "Barbie-crafting" would I end up with?

Personally, I think the one I would pick at this point is T8, in spite of the glowy orb shoulders.  Yes, we laughed at the "Sailor Moon" helm, but we wore and showed it.  It was fairly unobtrusive and allowed our hairstyles to show.  Another one I did like was T6 . . . for some reason, I like that helm, too, even though it didn't allow my hair to show . . . And T11 . . . well, who wouldn't like feathery blue shoulders?  (Don't bother with the helm--just keep whatever current one I have hidden . . .)

Sets aside, I wonder if I can persuade someone to make me up a Big Voodoo Robe . . . the one I loved wearing while leveling . . .

And I'm going to need to get the mace from Ragnaros, so I can carry Val'anyr forever . . .

Perhaps I could get into "Barbie-crafting", after all.

Edited:  Ok . . . so apparently I cannot carry Val'anyr forever . . . bummer . . . /moment of silence . . . Oh, well.  It was a nice thought while it lasted.

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