Thursday, July 7, 2011

Two Bosses In Two Days

Technically, if you count the BH boss, three.

We might be a week late, but Tempest stepped it up and killed some Firelands bosses.

Tuesday evening, fresh on the heels of a couple of 10-man Shannox kills the previous weekend, the official 25-man raid downed the hunter and his pesky puppies.

Excited not to have all that trash on the plains anymore, we headed across the valley toward the lair of the giant Red Widow, Beth'tilac.  By the end of raid, the death of the boss was in our minds as a definite possibility, and we returned on Wednesday with every expectation of smashing this spider in short order.

But it took a little longer than we had anticipated.

At the last minute, our Discipline Priest posted on the forum that he would be unable to attend raid Wednesday evening.  As he and one of our Holy Paladins had been the healers on top of the web, healing our DK tank, it meant we needed to change our arrangements a little.  We sent one of our skilled Resto Shamans up with the pally, the DK tank, and five dps.  Then we pulled the boss.

The tank on the web died.

This happened several times.  The more we analyzed it, the more we realized exactly how much we were missing that Discipline Priest.  Over several attempts, we changed things up here and there, reducing the number of dps on the web, so as not to spread out the healers' efforts, switching a healer at one point because one of the healers wasn't sure his allergies weren't affecting his healing, etc.  But the tank still died.  (And the replacement healer handed the reins back to the original one.)

Finally the raid leader asked me if we should put a third healer up on the web.  As all the strategies I had read indicated three healers would be serious overkill (i.e., if you need three healers on the web, something is definitely wrong), and as we only had six healers to begin with (so leaving only three healers on the ground could be an issue), I resisted that idea, despite it being suggested more than once.

With a little more thought, we decided perhaps things would work out better if the DK tanked on the ground and our bear tank went up on the web.

Suffice it to say that it worked.  It didn't work on the first try, but we started making it into phase two more consistently and, finally, in a very sloppy kill, the spider lay dead on the ground.  The only people still alive were the two tanks and a rogue.

But it was a kill!

We took a peek at Alysrazor--just enough to be excited and energized for the next evening.  (Seriously, who wouldn't like that boss entrance?  And this whole place, with the Druid-y connections, is thrilling for this long-term Druid.  Since the "bad guys" are corrupted Druids, it sort of makes me feel like I have a responsibility as a Druid to clean up the situation . . . Druids take care of their own.)

Two out of seven.  We're on our way!  Grats to the Tempest raiders!

Postscript:  By the way, we're recruiting healers.  Our roster has been depleted by a banning (no idea why--he didn't even log on for 25 days until Tuesday) and people deciding they wanted pvp instead of pve.  We could really use a good priest and another Resto Druid, but we'll consider any class except Resto Shaman, as we already have three.

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