Monday, July 25, 2011

Back From Vacation!

Yep, we're back.  Everything did get done before the vacation, as I said it would, despite my raiding that week, and we all had a good time.  Now I need a vacation after my vacation . . . . I feel like I got hit by a truck, and my sunburned shoulders are peeling . . .

At any rate, my husband is pretty sure now that the issue with  my computer is the video card and not a driver.  The computer has an on-board graphics capability, so I can word process and surf the Internet with the nice card removed, but it is completely insufficient for playing WoW.  (My auction toon was experiencing black flashes on low resolution in Ironforge.)  I was able to go 2-man some Burning Crusade content with my daughter (lots of black flashes), but when I tried to take my Druid out to Deepholm to go fishing, it completely and totally choked, giving me the blue screen of death, and restarting Windows.  (Something about being unable to refresh the screen.)  Twice.  That's when I decided it just didn't like Cataclysm content.

As my husband is kind enough to let me use his laptop for raiding, I wasn't about to insist he let me use it on non-raiding nights (and deny him the enjoyment of playing the computer game he downloaded recently).  So I snagged the girls' computer after they went to bed and did my fishing, while reading a free book on the Kindle reader of my smartphone.  (Bet you didn't know you could read and fish at the same time . . . Well, remember in Deepholm, fishing for Lavascale Catfish, you're not pursuing pools, and with maxed fishing, you don't have to click terribly quickly after it splashes.  Simple enough, if you've got the sound on.)

At this point, I'm sincerely hoping the problem is just the video card.  That's a reasonably simple fix.  If we get a new card and the problem is still there, it means we have to look at other things, which would be a bit more complicated.

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