Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Rats, Part III

Finally!  The gal who had rats was a little busy for the last month and a half or so, which isn't surprising, given that a forest fire was threatening their home.  (Evacuations, etc.)  But on July 4th, I happened to be passing the desert museum where she works, so I thought I'd drop in and see what could be done.

What luck!  She was there.  Even more lucky, she had rats available at home.  They had been intending to feed the snakes that day, but her husband had been called out on an EMT call and had had to postpone.  So she told us when they went to feed the snakes the following day, she would have her son pick out two cute females for us.

Today my daughter and I went by the museum again to pick up her rats.  They were snuggled together, one black, and one white.  "They look like yin and yang!" my daughter exclaimed. 

So Yin and Yang they have become, even though they are both female.  For the next couple of days, we're keeping them in a smaller container, placed next to the larger habitat, so Daisy can get used to their smells and so they can get used to Daisy's.  Then we'll start to introduce them and go from there.

But for now, the girls are completely enchanted just watching the two new little rat friends peek out at them from the bedding in their container.

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