Thursday, July 14, 2011

Technical Difficulties, Part II

All indicators point to a video card problem of some kind.

Last night, I did raid, but it was on my husband's laptop, hooked into my peripherals.  As I used the monitor all last night, I know the problem is not the monitor . . . (By the way, many thanks to Beru for her Power Aura exports.  I would never have finished configuring the addons on my husband's computer in time if I had had to make those from scratch.)

My husband says he thinks it's actually a driver problem, not a hardware problem, so he says he's not done messing with it.

Although he doesn't entirely approve of my raiding the week before we leave on vacation ("How will everything get done?"  "Don't worry, Honey, it will . . .") he is very sweet to let me use his laptop.  ("When I saw your face after I made the suggestion, how could I refuse?")

It's a good thing, because after watching how slowly things happen on my daughters' computer, I'm not sure that option would have worked out anywhere close to anyone's satisfaction.

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