Friday, July 15, 2011

Never Seen That Strat Before

Not all my Cataclysm Heroic adventures meet with wild success. Not too terribly long ago, I queued and was happy to see the loading screen for Lost City of Tol'vir, because, although that location was the place which consciously inspired "Chase the Tank," I actually like the instance.

Immediately upon zoning in, the tank said, "brb." After several minutes, we were starting to speculate on what was taking him so long, including my suggestion that he was making a smoothie. When he returned, we discovered I hadn't been far off--he had been making food, but it was enchiladas. (He had no idea what I meant when I asked him if he had red or green sauce on his enchiladas, which shows he was not from New Mexico. The state question here is "Red or Green?" Seriously, we have a state question.)

We worked our way to General Husam and started on the boss. For some insane reason, the boss decided to pick me every single time he was slamming someone with Bad Intentions. The warlock actually had to battle rez me when I was smashed into a pillar and landed right on a bomb which blew up. I had a very difficult time keeping both the tank up and myself, with all the damage I was taking.

Suddenly, in the middle of the boss fight, the tank left group. Immediately, we wiped, and the dps asked, "What did he do that for?"

"I think he decided I was fail," I replied.

We managed to get a new tank, who asked what had happened. We told him we really didn't know. The tank hadn't said anything and had left mid boss fight.

"Maybe he wanted to eat his enchiladas in peace," one of the dps remarked.

The new tank got on his mount and immediately headed toward the boss. I expected to see him dismount and attack the boss, but instead, he kept on running. He gathered up the trash pack on the other side and continued around the building, losing health as he went. As the dps and I watched in amazement, he reappeared on the other side of the building, dragging the boss and the trash packs with him.

This meant, of course, when he passed us, we all got killed.

We probably should have seen it coming and run out the exit.  But I think I can safely say the dps were all as I was, jaws hanging open, puzzling in our minds what exactly the tank was trying to accomplish.

It is not often I meet with someone who is simply a jerk, but I think this tank met the criteria. I addressed him, thanking him for his unusual new insights into boss strategy, and left the group, putting his name on my Ignore list.

At least he didn't waste too much of my time before showing his true colors.

I requeued in short order.

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