Monday, June 13, 2011

I've Been Fishing . . . Again . . .

The other day, someone saw me playing my 49 paladin, Hikarinoko, and asked, "Did you stop leveling?"  He had been leveling a character about the same as Hikarinoko when she was in her 30's or so, but had since charged forth to reach 85.

Truth be told, I'm not in a hurry.  If the play starts to feel like "work", I stop.  If I'm enjoying the odd quest here and there, I keep going.  But the moment I look at a quest and think, "I just don't want to do this," or "/sigh . . . boring . . ." I log off Hikarinoko and go do something else.  This usually takes an hour or less.

So on non-raiding nights, I'm finding more pleasure lately in logging on to one of my fishing characters and restocking my fish feast ingredients.  (I'm sure there are people in the guild who will be thinking, "Glad someone wants to do it.")

I've had a decent amount of Netflix enjoyment in the process, in bits and pieces.  Here is a sampling of my chosen fishing accompaniments:

Miss Marple:  I loved it back in the heyday of A&E productions (frequently in conjunction with the BBC).  In addition to being great productions, the Miss Marple stories also inspire me to knit.  (Can't do that while fishing or herbing, however . . .)

Murder She Wrote:  Absolutely no surprise here to longer-term readers of this blog.  But, hey, considering the series ran from 1984-1996, it had to have something going for it.

Columbo:  A seminar teacher once told me that a lot of lessons can be learned from the way Columbo talks with people during his investigations.  He asks questions.  He makes small observations without stating his conclusions (causing the person to think and wonder exactly what it is he is thinking . . .)  Maybe someday I'll learn to start asking "one more thing" . . .

Babylon 5:  Wow, not a mystery program!  The pilot for this series came out in my first year of marriage, and my husband and I watched the whole series, from beginning to end.  We loved it.  I recently introduced my daughters to this series, and when my eldest heard I'd been watching while fishing, she shrieked, "You've been watching 'Babylon 5' without me?!"  ("No problem, kiddo.  We can watch it again while I knit.")

From what I read about Firelands, there should be some more interesting things to accomplish on non-raiding nights once it comes out.  All the more reason to stock up on fish now.

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