Friday, June 17, 2011

Authenticator Changes

It's a good thing I follow World of Matticus, because I had no idea Blizzard was changing the way the authenticator works.  It doesn't really disturb me because, after all, it is unlikely someone would be hacking my account from my very own IP address.  But I wish they would have given us a heads up.  Already one guild member encountered the change and was suspicious something had happened to his account.

There is a good thing about this:  if I disconnect in raid, I will not have to fumble around to turn on a little flashlight before I can log back on.  That is kind of handy.

There is a bad thing, though.  I wonder how long it will take for my kids to figure out they can log on to my account without my authenticator.  Because of a keylogger years ago, we store our passwords in a sneaky fashion on a file from which we can copy and paste.  Even though we have authenticators now, we still do this.  This means, of course, my daughters know where my password is, and the only thing which has kept the 8-yr-old off my account is the fact I keep my authenticator on my keyring, on my person . . .

Of course, the solution is simple:  move my password to a different file.  (And don't tell her where it is!!)

At least she's old enough now to not find enjoyment from flying my Druid way up above a city, changing her to another form, and watching her go *splat* . . .

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