Thursday, June 30, 2011

Authenticator Changes, Part II

Remember those changes Blizzard made to the authenticator system?  Remember when I wondered how long it would take my kids to figure out they didn't need my authenticator to log in anymore?

Well, it happened.

When I went home for lunch, I went to my computer to download something, which is not part of my normal lunchtime routine.  There on the screen was a Horde character waiting for an absent daughter to return.  As I had just activated play schedules for the girls' accounts, there was only one conclusion:  this was my account.

To say I wasn't happy with them would be an understatement.  After lecturing them on the fact they weren't supposed to be playing games before 2:00, anyway, I reminded them they weren't supposed to be logging on to my account at all.  And then I went to the Parental Controls on my account and made a play schedule, so they simply could not log in while I was gone.

In the unlikely event I try to log on during the daytime (i.e., I'm so incredibly sick that I simply cannot sit in my solitary office at work and must be at home, in which case I'd probably be sleeping, anyway . . .) I can always log back in to Parental Controls and change them.  But at least this way I KNOW those kids are not logged in to my account.  (Shame on them . . .)

Oh, perhaps I should mention my husband's reaction to hearing about the new authenticator changes. With a somewhat bemused smile, he said, "So now the hackers just have to know how to fake your IP address to access your account."

Really makes you feel secure, doesn't it?

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