Tuesday, June 21, 2011

As We Head Into the Next Level

Hooray!  It looks like Blizzard has decided to hold off on 4.2 until the 28th!  This is a good thing, as far as I am concerned.

As a raid, we're at a pretty good place.  We have solid tanks and healers, and we just recruited a few more dps.  This week saw the demise of Heroic Chimaeron, so we'll be heading into Firelands with not only a 3/12 Heroic 25 record, but a recent victory.  (Good morale booster!)

I am going to hazard a guess that our raid will take a break this week to prep for Firelands.  Raiding week after week takes its toll on people, especially when the summertime comes, and people have other things they want to do. It would be a great opportunity to let people have the chance to take advantage of the longer summer days and take their minds off the raid.  (Especially those in leadership positions, who tend to stress out more over bumps in the raiding road.)

This week is exceptionally busy for my family, as well.  I'm getting the last items into my garden (two more grapevines, and my husband still wants me to plant some green beans . . .), there was a swimming activity up at our county seat last night (wouldn't have affected raiding anyway), there's a seminar at the church tonight about identity theft (they're having an expert come and talk about it, and my daughter has volunteered to help with the child care), and my eldest daughter is having her tonsils out on Wednesday (2.5 hours away).  So a break wouldn't come amiss.

I've been starting to search for information on Firelands bosses and whatever else I'm going to have to do to maximize potential.  I combed through the list of Firelands loot and made a preliminary assessment, and I've got a reasonable stock of fish in my bank, ready for feasts.  (I think I have enough for about 100 feasts at the moment.  Fathom Eel is my limiting ingredient right now.)

Should be fun when we finally get there.

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