Tuesday, June 28, 2011

The Champion Chicken Made 85

This is actually a little late, as she made 85 a couple of weeks ago, I think.

She didn't even make a big deal about it.  I came home from work one day, saw her playing, and noticed she was 85.  When I congratulated her, she just smiled at me and went back to her adventures.

Her dad sat down and helped her tweak her Beastmastery spec, and the other day, I went with her to unlock the door so we could two-man the first boss of Karazhan.  (I know, not hard, but it was fun.  The cat tanked.)  No mount, which was our objective, but maybe next time.

Lately, she's been spending her time in-game doing lowbie quests, to see the stories, as well as trying to find every fire for the seasonal achievement.  (I introduced her to lists on Wowwiki so she would stop bugging me.  "Mom!  Where is the Horde fire in (insert zone here).")  I suspect she will end up being a Loremaster long before I can even think of it.  She's got the "staying power," once she has a goal.

This is the teenage daughter who I will be having officially evaluated for high-functioning autism in the next year. (The waiting list for the center is rather long. We have little doubt what the evaluation will turn up, as she has had classic symptoms her whole life.) We never pursued an official diagnosis when she was a child because we didn't want her to have an excuse for failure. And, after all, there wasn't a cure, and her school really wouldn't do anything differently than they were already doing, with the hints we gave them. But now that she's older, she might benefit from understanding more about herself and from being able to take advantage of accommodations in certain academic situations. (More time when she takes the GED, for example. Or some colleges have accommodations for students with these kinds of challenges.)

Good job, kiddo.  Way to triumph in the end.  I know you'll triumph in real life, too.

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