Monday, March 7, 2011

To All the Squirrels . . .

Last night, when I logged on, I found myself bored, for the first time in forever.

Considering I had been spending the last couple of days herbing (got my priest a level and a half higher in the process), this may seem a remarkable statement.

I was so bored I didn't want to run an Heroic.  There was no point in any further herbing, as my priest had lost her "rested" bonus, and my Druid had enough herbs to keep her in flasks for a while.  There was no point in going fishing, as my Druid usually doesn't need individual food anymore, and she's stockpiled enough fish for feasts to make at least 140 (counting from the variety of which I have the least.)  I did not feel like questing, and there were no other alts I wanted to play.  (Even my Worgen Druid hasn't made it past level 4.)

I was so bored I actually thought about doing Archaeology . . . but quickly decided against it.

What was a gal to do?  I opened up my Achievements window to see what could be accomplished in a reasonable amount of time.

The first thing I noticed was that I was 5 pets away from "Lil' Game Hunter".  That one was easy.  I went to the Auction House, listed the pets in ascending order of price, then scanned down the list until I found the ones I did not already own.  About 1000 gold later, the achievement flashed.

The reward, of course, is another pet, which means I now have 76 pets . . .

That took about three minutes, so I was soon back to scanning the Achievements window.

And in another two minutes, I found the perfect time-wasting achievement which I had already half-way completed:  "To All the Squirrels I've Loved Before".  I opened a window to Wowhead, where a list in the comments section showed me where all the critters were located.  (Believe me--it's a good thing.  Just try guessing where the Ewe is located, otherwise . . .)

I was very glad that I could fly in Azeroth . . . just gain some altitude, point my beak in the general direction, and hit Autorun . . . then pull out a paperback and peek up every so often.

It wasn't too terribly long before I finally found that last pesky Borean Frog.

Actually, it took less time than I thought.

Amidst the congratulations of the guild, I typed in Druid chat, "And that, my friends, is positive proof that I am bored."  They laughed.

But the night was still young.

Yea . . . . . I did that . . . .

Typed in Druid chat again, "Yep, I'm bored."  They laughed again.

Stop now?  No way!  I was on a roll.

By this time, the guild was thinking this a little funny, too.  (And I was typing in Druid chat, "Yea . . . bored . . .")

Eighty Achievement Points out of boredom.  Gotta love it.

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