Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Botting is Bad

Obey the Terms of Service, already!! 

My personal opinion has been that if someone chooses to break the conditions in the ToS, it is between them and Blizzard (and their conscience.)  It's not my business whether they do or do not follow the ToS, and it's not my responsibility to ensure they are in compliance with something to which they, themselves, electronically agreed.  As for me, I do not use botting programs because I view it as cheating, so it's not something my integrity will allow me to do.

That would be all there is to it, if I wasn't a raider.

As a raider, I understand that fellow raiders who, for instance, use botting programs, are putting themselves in danger of being unavailable for the raid.  All it would take would be for Blizzard to do a trace on certain programs or for someone to report them as obviously botting to put them out of the game, possibly permanently.

It's like athletes on a team.  If they do not follow the rules, they put themselves in danger of being benched or kicked off the team, making it difficult for their teammates.  We hear stories of college athletes who get in trouble for their grades or professional athletes who get in trouble for steroid use.  Recently, my alma mater made headlines for benching an athlete who had broken the Honor Code of the school.  The team was seriously affected for the worse, but, as the school rightly stated, "There are some things more important than winning tournaments."

Even if you are not on a raiding team, do some thinking . . . How many hours have you invested in your characters?  How would you feel if that account was suddenly taken from you?  Is the benefit you might receive worth the risk you take when using a botting program?

You who are botting, think long and hard.  Please.

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