Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Tailored to My Needs

My mage, Amiranar, is sitting in Stormwind just because she got tired of being the only mage in Dalaran, not because she has any plans to level. (If you've ever been the only mage in Dalaran, you'll understand this significance.)

But the other day, she actually had a chance to level . . . her Tailoring, anyway.

I decided to clean out some of Anachan's stuff from the bags she was carrying. (Despite all indications to the contrary, "stuff" is a 4-letter word.) There was only one problem: no bank space. You see, while Anachan isn't exactly a pack rat, there are some sentimental items she likes to still keep around. Some tier, for instance. (Wrath tier, anyway.) Or the Memento of Tyrande, which dropped from our first Illidan kill and which is just so cool, lore-wise. Not to mention Val'anyr. Or a whole bunch of trinkets and relics from days gone by. (Some of those she should probably just pitch, at this point.) Or that shadow resist cloak which was crafted by a raid leader who is long retired . . .

I figured I could squeeze out a little more bank space if I bought some larger bags, so accordingly I checked the auction house. But after seeing the prices of the 22-slot bags I wanted to replace the two 18-slotters in my bank, there was only one response: I don't think so!

I had been sending Embersilk to Amiranar for a while, figuring that someday, I may want to level her Tailoring, although I couldn't see exactly why I would. After all, the leg enhancement items are only needed every so often, so I could just pay the gold and live with it. But having to pay that much money for slightly larger bags just did not sit well with me. Sticker-shocked, I decided it was finally time.

It didn't take very long to reach the level where she could make the 22-slot bags, although it was a surprise to see the amount of enchanting mats required for it. (Thankfully, I had some of that on . . . well, another alt with a guild bank . . .) On the way, I managed to make a few nice pieces for my level 83 priest, which was a kind of bonus. And one of the other pieces managed to sell, making up for some of the cloth I did end up buying.

Satisfied, I logged off for the night.  But once I begin a project such as raising a profession, it usually eats at me until I've finished.  So the following night, I logged on the mage again, with only about 20 minutes available.  A few hundred gold in cloth later, I was looking at the possibility of a 36-slot Herbalism bag which would raise the  mage's tailoring by 5 points.  (Anachan was salivating . . .)  Did Anachan really need it?  Not really, as I have other alts who can hold on to herbs if needed.  But it sure would be nice.  Was it worth the cost, as it would only be holding herbs in Anachan's bank?  Those Volatile Life are usually used for flasks, lovingly gathered by Anachan and my Herbalist priest, so their value is measured in time, as well as money.

Finally I stopped vacillating and just mailed the Volatiles to Amiranar, who put together the Herbalism bag.  Anachan cheered, excited to have all the herbs in her bank in one spot, instead of having them stuffed in different bags and corners, wherever they would fit.  (Definitely worth it.)

I will probably continue to raise Amiranar's Tailoring as high as I can go, for the benefits to Anachan and my priest, and for the possible benefit of being able to turn cloth into gold, figuratively speaking. (She used to have a thriving little business in bags.)  But whether or not she will ever make level 85 remains to be seen.  I've never had more than two characters at max level, and there really isn't any reason to start now.

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