Tuesday, March 29, 2011

More Little Kid Adventures!

Not too long ago, after my husband stopped playing his account, he set up my 9-yr-old and 7-yr-old to play together.  (One on his account, one on the kid account . . . only reason we keep the billing up on his account, by the way.)  Because the computers they were using are in different rooms, he decided to set up voice communications for them.  This meant, of course, that the girls had a bit of time logged in before they could actually start on their adventures.

While he was at the 9-yr-old's computer, messing with the voice controls, he suddenly noticed in chat that a particular rogue was beating the tarnation out of people in duels.  To his surprise, he realized it was the character the 7-yr-old was playing!

This little 3rd-grader (she skipped a grade) was stomping other players into the dirt.  (I can see people now grumbling how OP rogues are, if an elementary school student who has just learned long division can dominate the scene at Goldshire while playing one.)

Given that this is the child who could manage to do things to my computer that I didn't know how to do when she was 5, I could believe it.

The 9-yr-old has still been having a lot of fun running instances with her hunter.  The other day, she came to me and told me about a recent dungeon she had run.

"The other people talked to me and told me some things about my gear and my . . . my buttons and stuff."

"You mean your rotation?"

"Yea, that's it," she smiled.  "And the next day, when I ran another dungeon, I met one of those people again!  She remembered me."

"Oh, really?"

"Yep, and after that instance, she told me that my dps had really improved in just a day!"

You have to realize that this daughter made her hunter on a server apart from my characters' (her choice), so she has not had the benefit of extra gold to buy gear.  She has also not had much coaching from her parents, who never really figured she'd get past the occasional quest, and were totally surprised to find her running random instances.  (As she seemed to have the general idea, I hadn't worked with her on the nuances.)  So her progression in-game comes entirely from her own efforts, or in this case, from a few well-placed words by kind people she met in an instance.

So, to that kind person she met, whoever you are (my 9-yr-old would probably remember the name if I asked, but she's at school), thanks for taking the time to help a lowbie hunter learn a trick or two.  It really made her day.


  1. This is really sweet! I love kids-playing-wow stories :3

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  3. Ooops! Made a mistake on my own comment, lol.

    I tend to think the girls are pretty sweet, hehe, but I'm probably a little biased. ;)