Thursday, December 30, 2010

WoW Holiday Songs

What would you do for a Moonkin Hatchling pet?  Would you be willing to sing?

When I was in college, the snack bar at my dorm complex offered free milkshakes (more like Blizzards) to anyone who would come in and sing the entire fight song during Homecoming Week.  I learned the song quickly as a budget-conscious freshman.  (I liked combinations such as raspberry-peach with shortbread cookies or blackberry Oreo . . . don't knock it until you've tried it . . .) By the time I was a junior and a resident assistant, I sang the song every day of Homecoming Week, just to say I had done it.

So with that background, is it any wonder I would be willing to sing for a Moonkin Hatchling pet?

Remember the Dreamstate Doomkin/The Moonkin Repository contest I mentioned?  I entered not once, but five times.  (I knew some were better than others, but hey, tastes vary.)

And I won!!  I won both first and second places!  (Second place prize was the Moonkin Hatchling.)

Cheezy lyrics incoming . . .

Chase the Tank

It Is Winter Veil Again
(This is the one, by the way, about which my daughter said, "Mom, it's so corny, it's funny.")

They told me later on that, to be honest, I was the only entrant.  (Good thing I entered five times:  it gave them something to judge.)  At first, the news really dampened my enjoyment of the situation.  I have a host of first-place ribbons from our county fair in categories where I was the only entrant.  (Peanut brittle, bobbin lace . . .)  But, in the end, I did get my Moonkin Hatchling, which was my goal, and "Chase the Tank" was prize-worthy, anyway.  (According to my husband, and he has a nose for these kinds of things.)

And after all, as I've mentioned before, the true satisfaction in these sorts of things is the process of creation.  (I had soooo much fun writing it all!  My kids laughed, my co-workers laughed, and I realized I have a very expressive face when I looked at my recordings . . . now I know where my eldest daughter gets it . . .) Thanks to Dreamstate Doomkin and The Moonkin Repository for setting up such an awesome contest!

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