Monday, December 20, 2010

Three More Points

The Dungeon Finder tool tells me I need a gear level of about 329 to queue for Heroics.  Yesterday when I started playing, I had a score of 321.  By the time I finished, I was up to 326.

I consider that pretty good progress.

After running two Halls of Origination randoms and seeing two "Need" rolls go in favor of the Shadow Priest in the group, I was pretty frustrated.  So I finally sat down, took a look at what I had, and decided which pieces specifically needed to be upgraded to acheive the requisite score minimum.  Then I pulled out Wowhead and listed some acheivable upgrades and where they could be found.  (Justice Point upgrades are not achievable yet.  I need to get IN to Heroics so I can start accruing points at a decent rate.)

One achievable upgrade I decided on was the helm which comes from the quest Brann Bronzebeard hands out in Halls of Origination.  But, to my chagrin, I discovered there was a long quest chain to do before he would hand out that quest.  /sigh.  So I picked up my Harrison Jones quest chain and just started grinding it out. (One of the things which annoys me is that at this point, I view any questing without being able to raise my guild rep to be wasted questing . . . and I'm capped . . . until tomorrow . . .)

The funny thing about that quest chain is that it ends up feeling more like a movie with some mini-games thrown in for fun.  But at last, I had completed the quest chain, seen the desert blossom like the rose, and met up again with Brann Bronzebeard, who told me to meet him in Halls of Origination.  (Hooray!)

In the process of doing the quest chain, I managed to get some legs from a quest reward (good thing, as I was still wearing my T10), and as I was running the Halls of Origination to complete Brann's quests (how did he get past all that trash without us there to help him?) I also picked up a shoulder upgrade.  And, of course, at the end of the dungeon run, I finally had my new helm.

My next goal is the gloves from Hyjal rep, as well as earning my head enchant.  Then I'll need to work on my Earthen Ring rep for the neck . . . unless somehow I make it into a Lost City run, which hasn't happened to date and the necklace actually drops . . . and a priest or someone else doesn't get it.

When all else fails, make a plan.

(To be honest, I have a plan once I start Heroics . . . I just didn't realize it was going to be so difficult to get there . . .)

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