Friday, December 10, 2010

Cataclysm Progress and the Family

Anachan is now 82.  Considering that a decent percentage of the raiders in my guild are now 85 and starting to think about Heroic instances, that isn't terribly impressive.  BUT, when you take into account that I have a full-time job, five kids, and Christmas, along with the fact that I've been catching the whatever-it-is-which-is-going-around-the-office and so have felt completely flattened the last two nights, that isn't too terribly bad, either.

On the bright side, I'll be awake this weekend, when the rest of them have crashed in exhaustion.

I always said I would start leveling in Hyjal, because, well, I'm a Druid, and that is definitely the Druidic path to take.  But I haven't managed to progress very far there because I wanted to quest that area with my husband's pally.  (He chose to level the pally first.  I was actually kind of surprised, thinking he'd rather level his mage. He likes all his characters; I think, however, that he does not have a deep identity with any one of them, unlike me with my Druid.)  Unfortunately, my husband has been out of town this entire week, and while his hotel Internet connection was there, it was cripplingly laggy.  (He told me several times that if he had been questing alone, he would have probably been dead in several situations.)  So after the first night of struggling through a few quests, he postponed our adventures until he could get back home, and I moved on to Vash'jir and instances.

It didn't help things that the second night, I was starting to feel ill.  (That could also be why I allowed my temper to get so worked up about that group which didn't communicate . . .)  By last night (yes, it's only been three nights), I was really feeling awful, and to make matters worse, Vash'jir was producing crippling lag for me.  Just Vash'jir.  No lag in Stormwind.  No lag in Hyjal . . . but . . . my husband wasn't on-line . . .

What's a girl to do while waiting in 15-minute queues for instances in a zone where she is postponing questing and while feeling like she's going to fall over?  Raise professions, of course.  I spent the evening's queue time flying around, herbing and fishing.  (When I wasn't staring blankly at the computer in a daze, willing my medicine to start working on my headache.)  Unfortunately, my Alchemy has raised to the point where Hyjal herbs do not help advance my skill, but as Cinderbloom makes a nice little Spirit elixir and was still giving me Experience and Herbalism points (until a few points ago), I felt the time was not wasted.  I've cooked up some lovely Haste food, along with the Spirit food I made from the Blood Shrimp I picked up in Vash'jir.

I also ran through the Maelstrom event and discovered the entrance to Stonecore, so the next time I queue, I'll have another option which might actually have an upgrade or two.  (OK, I have picked up a potentially good trinket and some boots, so I can't say the current instances are totally useless.  But they weren't dramatic upgrades . . .)

My husband should be home this evening, so with any luck, if he gets home at a reasonable hour, we'll be able to go do some Hyjal questing.  And, since I've pretty much raised my Herbalism as far as I can do in that zone, he can have all the herbs to himself.

While my husband and I had upgraded our accounts before the Cataclysm release night, we had not upgraded my daughter's account.  Part of me wondered why we would:  there's only one 80 on the entire account, and it didn't seem worth it to upgrade the account solely for the purpose of allowing her to create worgens and goblins.  But she and her sisters have been begging, and since they have been spending quite a bit of time since 4.0 in little adventures, my husband and I have finally decided to go ahead and upgrade that account.

There's a catch, though:  they have to clean their room first.

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