Wednesday, September 7, 2011

This and That

Overcoming Obstacles . . .

I finally did get my Blood Elf priest out of her dilemma, thanks to the fact players no longer have to grab all flight points from a capital city.  I noticed that Silverwind Refuge in Ashenvale was available, and, since I did have a quest to deliver something there, I skipped the area in which I had been agonizing over the tasks assigned there and flew on over.  It was rather nostalgic, as that area had previously been owned by the Night Elves.  (Didn't particularly like the tone of voice of the Orc cackling as he talked about how clever they had been to capture the area from the Night Elves, who thought they were so smart . . .)  In that area, the biggest concerns were furbolgs and water elementals, threats with which I could comfortably contend.

And while contending with those familiar threats, I dinged 25 and picked up the quest to take me to Northern Stranglethorn.  Yay!!  Back to annihilating tigers, raptors, and headhunters.

One of the difficulties about being a rerolled character on an established server is the cost of everything on the auction house.  When I first looked at picking up a glyph, it was 100 gold--my entire bankroll.  (My priest only had that much because I made her an herbalist.  Hey, if costs are outlandish, you'd better have something you can sell for said outlandish costs, or you'll never be able to buy anything.)  With a sigh, I put off glyph-buying and went my merry way.  Well, the other day, the glyph market was closer to what I had seen on Gorgonnash, and, as I had managed to accumulate about 170 gold on my priest by that point, I was able to pick up a few glyphs.

I think I am now confident enough in the abilities she has, coupled with her glyphs, that I might try to run an instance this weekend.

Swimming With the Fishes . . .

Ok, so technically, they are not fishes; they are mammals.

One of my younger sisters (I have seven) is an animal trainer at Sea World, San Antonio.  Recently, on the Sea World, SA, blog site, she was briefly featured in a video in which she swims with a beluga whale.  I would embed the video here, except it is unlisted . . . so the Blogger insertion tool won't work . . . and I don't know how to embed it myself.  /pout.  I tried . . . I really did . . . before finally giving up and just creating the above link.

Here is one from a couple of years ago which also shows off her Sea World skills . . . (They rotate the trainers through different tanks in the park year to year.)

At any rate, she has a lot of fun with the animals.  (Her real life is interesting and active enough to not need video games, lol . . . Her husband plays console games, but she's not really into them.)

To be honest, I don't want to swim with Shamu or even the belugas.  But I am proud of my little sister.  She has been the only one of us to really grab on to a dream and dare to follow it.

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