Friday, September 16, 2011

The Firelord Has Fallen

We did it.

Last night, before the regularly-scheduled raid was halfway over, the Tempest 25-man raid defeated Ragnaros.  Before the deadline.  Before the nerf.  (Yes!!!  /happy dance)

It was sloppy.  I think there might have been four people left alive at the end, with crazy numbers of meteors rolling everywhere.  But in the end, Tempest stood victorious.

I'm in the pink dress closest to the reward chest.  :)
I was told we were the first 25-man raid on the server to defeat him, but I'm not sure that is true.  Wowprogress lists at least two other currently existing guilds' 25-man victories, but how it can distinguish between 10- and 25-man, given that there are no differences in achievements or loot, is beyond me.  It does not really matter, in the end.  What is sufficient to know is that in the midst of the forces in WoW which discourage 25-man raiding, and in the midst of the perceived decline of Gorgonnash, we persevered and we prevailed.

Take that, Firelord!


  1. Wish i could have been there. oh well grats on keeping the heals together :P

  2. Grats on downing Mr. Roasty. Nothing like the thrill of working as a unit, much less a 25man team, and hitting that awaited goal.

    Looking forward to getting back into raiding perhaps once my schedule stops being so jacked up. Would like to be part of the Deathwing Kill Squad.

    Special congrats on downing Rag before the nerf as well.