Saturday, September 10, 2011


Have you ever noticed that there are times when you just have a feeling something is going to happen, and it does?  Or when you think something, and for some reason, that thought just sticks in your mind as significant . . . and then you recall it later on when it turns out it actually was?

Silly little trivial example of this . . .

Last night, I spent some time on my baby Blood Elf priest.  As I ran around Ogrimmar on my way to the zeppelin station, this thought came clearly to my mind:

"Wow, this server must really be different.  I'm all the way to level 29, and not once has someone asked me to join their guild.  It's kind of refreshing."

Fifteen seconds later, someone asked if I would be interested in joining their guild.


I thanked him, but politely told him that I was not looking for a guild at that time.  Then I headed out to Northern Stranglethorn.

When I was about to quit for the evening, I decided to hearth out of the situation I found myself, instead of taking the time to fight my way through the raptors and trolls to safety.  After I started the cast, I left my computer to pull some bread out of the oven.  When I returned, I found myself safely in Ogrimmar, with pink text in my chat box.

Someone else had asked me if I was interested in a guild.

As I had no idea exactly when this person had asked, I decided to ignore it, play possum, pretend I was afk . . . And another whisper showed up.  "Interested in a level 14 guild?"

No, I really wasn't.  So I logged off.

It just seems really ironic that just after I noted the lack of guild invitations, whispers would suddenly start pouring in.

Unrelated side note:  I think I have a cactus spine in my knuckle, but I can't find it to remove it.  Looks like I'm going to have to let the body's natural defenses take care of this one, after whatever disinfecting I can manage.  Ugh.  It hurts.

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