Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Guess We've Got a Deadline

Back in Burning Crusade, word came out of a giant nerf to the raiding content not too many weeks before Wrath was due.  Tempest was still in Black Temple, staring Illidan square in the face.

We all felt it was a matter of pride to kill Illidan before that nerf, and we worked hard toward that goal.  But at the end of that Monday evening, Illidan was only "nearly dead".  It was a somber group which logged off that night, thinking if we had had one more night, he would have gone down.

The next week, he died fairly simply, but it was something of a bittersweet moment.  Sure, we finally had Illidan down, but knowing we could have done it pre-nerf with just a little more time removed some of the feeling of victory.

Now, we're in Firelands, still on normal modes, and we are staring Ragnaros in the face.  Our 10-man group which cleans up the lockouts has killed him at least twice, but in 25-man, he is still very much alive.  And once again, a nerf is scheduled.

We have one week--one week in which to kill him before everyone decides Firelands is trivial.

I'd rather not have a repeat of Illidan.

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