Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Writer's Block or Publisher's Block

Lately, I've had a bad case of Writer's Block.  Actually, it would probably be more appropriate to call it Publisher's Block.

I've written several drafts in various stages of completion lately, but somehow I cannot bring myself to publish them.


"Recruiting"  (too boring)
"Constructive Criticism" (i.e., there is no such thing . . . too pedantic)
"Tough Day"  (too personal)
"No Player Is Not An Island"  (yes, the double negative is on purpose--too much potential to offend)
"Intentions and Consequences" (again, too pedantic, and it might offend some people)
"Evaluating Healers"  (what do I know that other people don't?)

I need something funny to happen to me in-game, so I can just whip up a cute little anecdote and laugh about it . . .  But I'm unlikely to find something funny happening to me while I'm herbing, which is what I seem to be doing lately with regularity.

Yes, the herbing is needed, mostly to supply cauldrons.  The limiting factor is not the herbs as much as the Volatile Life.  I can buy herbs sometimes for reasonable rates (and usually do buy Azshara's Veil.)  If I purchased Volatile Life, I would go broke.

Herbing is something I can do while coaching my second daughter through her homework.  (She has special needs . . . among which is someone to keep her on task and to reassure her frequently that she's on the right track.  Eliminate either of those and she will not complete her homework, choosing to use her desk time to read Greek myths or draw fanciful (and well-done) creatures.  Our desks back up to each other, so I can keep my hands busy and my mind sane with herbing or fishing, while still being in a situation where I can listen to her as she painfully repeats everything she is typing, while she is typing it . . . I'm trying to break her of this . . . really . . .)  Herbing is something I can do after dinner, when I want to put my feet up, but still need to be able to walk away from my desk at a moment's notice.  Herbing also means that on non-raid nights, if my husband insists that he really wants me to watch a show with him, I can leave when he calls.  (Given that he is gracious enough to not put up too much of a fuss at my raiding, I try to be sensitive to this on non-raid nights . . . which is why I do not now do a whole lot of Heroics.  He gets rather irritated if he wants to show me something on YouTube or wherever, and I answer, "I'm in the middle of a boss fight!")

So it just sort of works out as a good non-raid-night activity.  But the most exciting thing which happens while herbing is usually when a crocodile is blocking my access from a Whiptail, and I land some distance away, Faerie Fire, Root, Travel Form, pick herb, Shadowmeld, Flight Form.  (Hehe . . .)

Speaking of Shadowmeld, Flight Form, it seems I am a dying breed . . . the Night Elf Druid.  (For that matter, there are fewer Night Elves, period . . .)  Sorry, not going to go Worgen.  Just not.  (I did create a little baby Worgen Druid, just so I could see the initial story, but it seems really odd to be in human form, casting Wrath . . . as if I had managed to get myself stuck in Caverns of Time or something . . .)  Anyway, back to the subject . . .

On the bright side, NOT publishing things is a very powerful capability.  I can write whatever I'm thinking in my Drafts folder, giving me the freedom to vent without major repercussions.  Someone is driving me bananas?  I can write about the general principle of why they are driving me bananas, but then be wise enough to not publish it.  Had a tough day?  (Hmm, familiar title . . .)  I can write all about it, but then recognize that nobody else will really care or be able to do anything about it if they did, so it makes no sense to air my troubles before the world.  It's the power of journalling, with the added benefit that it can be deleted without ripping pages out of a perfectly nice book.

After all, when the story of my life is written, I'm sure I'd like to do a little editing before it reaches the final draft.  Might as well simplify the process by sometimes remaining silent.

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  1. Love the post and I completely agree with having so much in your head or on your plate that sometimes the draft folder is a nice place to pour it all out and not necessarily need to share it.

    My biggest issue with writing and publishing more has been dealing with and helping family out with some challenges that need a Husband's and a Dad's warm and patience heart to mend or address. Timing can be a big weight to manage as well. As a budding blogger I have been more aware of the fact that those that do want to read what I post and share are expecting something to come out of me on a regular basis. Especially as I am striving to provide something for the Druid Community and fellow WoWers with regards to quality of content and quantity in frequency. I would rather put out one good post a week or at least once every other week of efforted quality then vomit with regularity on the massess.

    Whatever and whenever you share it is appreciated and read, so no worries. That is what a blogroll is for to track when someone you enjoy reading posting something. It can be like getting a surprise package in the mail and opening it up on the living room floor to play with the bubble wrap while checking out the new item.

    Hoping the clog in the mental sink gets freed up soon to share with the rest of us.


    Draccus Moonsayer

    P.S. Love "After all, when the story of my life is written, I'm sure I'd like to do a little editing before it reaches the final draft."