Thursday, February 17, 2011

Fish Feasts . . . NomNomNom . . .

You would think that after all the effort I've put into trying to get our guild the Seafood Magnifique feast, I would have charged to this site and blogged about it as it happened.  Truth be told, after we finally reached the 10,000 fish from schools milestone, I was too tired to think about it.

It happened Sunday afternoon.

As I logged off Sunday morning, before church, we had less than 400 fish to reach our goal.  I posted as much in my "cheerleading" thread on the guild forum, stating that I fully expected the acheivement to be reached before I returned.  (I wouldn't be returning until after church--half hour there, three-hour block of meetings, half hour back--and making dinner for the family--another hour and a half, at least.)

My husband asked me if, after all my efforts, I would be disappointed if I was not the one who fished up the last fish.  I told him that, no, I wouldn't be disappointed.  Guild achievements are better if more people know they have contributed, rather than just one person doing the entire thing, and I would be delighted to find the achievement finished when I returned.

But when I returned, I noticed we had only advanced about 100 fish from the number that morning.  I was sort of disappointed, but I logged on my priest alt (raising her fishing as part of this whole venture) and pulled out her fishing pole.  (I found out later that one person who had been fishing had suddenly had her WoW completely crash and break on her and was busy reinstalling the game . . . not her fault we didn't reach it before I came home.)

Several fish later, I saw one of my fellow-fishers speak in Guild chat.  "Less than 200 left."

"Yep," I replied.

Someone else joined in.  "Less than 200 what?"

"Fish from schools," I said.

"Oh, really?  I'll help."

The three of us fished away, watching as the number increased in incremental bursts as each of us found schools and fished them out.

Finally, we were sitting at 9999/10000, and my alt was by a school of fish.  I waited for a bit, hand hovering over the "Print Screen" button, then finally cast my line.

Yes, that's snow in the background.  Should help you guess where I was when this happened.

Congratulations to all the Tempest members who helped reach this goal!  (No matter the number of fish contributed.)

And after all the fishing we've done (and stockpiling of required schooling fish) it is now downright easy to bring our Seafood Magnifique Feasts to raid.  Everyone really appreciates them.

P.S.  Somehow, I don't think I'll stop fishing completely . . . I heard recently that anything which is repetitive and which puts you "in the moment" can be considered stress relief, and fishing fits that description for me.  I just won't be trying to sneak in 100 fish before work . . .

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