Wednesday, February 9, 2011


Another patch has come and managed to wreak havoc . . .

I  know that every patch brings with it a certain amount of chaos.  But when I've updated my addons and for some reason find myself disconnecting for every boss fight, it makes me slightly concerned.  I'll check today and see if any addons have been further updated . . . after that, I may have to start turning a few off if it doesn't fix the situation.  (Quartz will be first . . . then Clique, after I bind all my settings into the native Vuhdo capability . . . Already turned off Ora, which we aren't using anyway.)

With the recent changes to the Resto spec, I figured it was a good idea to try to tweak a few things and check them out.  However . . . I didn't do it right the first time.  (It happens when you're a mom and don't have the time to sit and work out the kinks before raid time . . .)  Fortunately, I had kept my old spec and just redid the secondary as another Resto spec, so when I encountered problems, I just changed back and called it a night.

Old Spec and the one I can still rely on at the moment.
New spec for which I have to work out the kinks.  Note the lack of Efflourescence and the addition of talents related to Rejuvenation.
This morning, as I headed out to Deepholm to do a little fishing and herbing, I noticed a few more changes.  One is that the cursor when you are fishing has changed yet again, to a hook.  While it's appropriate, I kind of liked the little fishie.  Oh, well.

The second observation made me laugh with delight.  I tend to pull out my moonkin hatchling pet for company when I am fishing, and I've seen him scurry frantically along the ground after me when I have flown.  Well, today as I moved from one fishing school to the next, I noticed that my hatchling had learned something new:  he was flying!
Isn't he cute??

I feel something like a parent whose child has just learned to walk . . . well, sort of . . . hehe . . .

And for a final note this morning, I will leave you with an update of the school fishing progress of our guild.  (I have roughly 4700 of those to my credit . . . the initial 3000 was a conservative estimate; the next 1700 were actually recorded.)

Interesting that the new note says "pools", rather than "schools".  They still mean "schools".  I tried it out.

Edited to add:  Apparently some other people noticed Quartz acting oddly, which it was doing for me last night--moving my bars around, etc.  Not sure if it caused the D/C's, but at least I have somewhere to start.

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