Monday, January 17, 2011

Wildhammer Rep Exalted!

I decided some time ago that I needed to raise my Wildhammer reputation to Exalted.  That belt!  That beautiful belt!  (Well, you know . . .)

Accordingly, I ran through the quest chain in Twilight Highlands (and actually had fun doing it) and started doing my Wildhammer dailies.

I also picked up a tabard . . . but here is where it got a little complicated.  After many days of dailies, I noticed I was close enough to Exalted that an Heroic or two would do it.  But because of the times I am on (and because I can't always very well ask my husband to not stream video on non-raid nights, as he is considerate enough to not stream on raid nights), I rarely make it into guild Heroic groups.  And, well, that LFD button for random Heroics is still just as distasteful as it has been since Cataclysm hit.

Last night, it occurred to me that I was doing it wrong.

I opened up the LFD tool, but instead of queueing for a random Heroic, I queued for either Halls of Origination or Lost City . . . on regular mode.  After about five minutes (I was willing to wait a little longer), I found myself in a group for Lost City.  I quickly confirmed that, yes, I was getting rep for these kills and settled back to keep the group alive.

In short order and with no wipes, our group was finished with the instance and thanking each other for the time.  What was even better was that I was relaxed and happy by the end of the instance, instead of stressed out and frustrated after two hours of non-stop wiping and bickering.  I queued again.

This time, I got Halls of Origination and thought, "Oh, good, lots of rep here."  Then the tank said, "Where the **** are we?"  (Yea, that inspires confidence.)  His next comment was, "I'm so drunk!"  (Even more confidence.)

Nevertheless, the rest of the group appeared as inclined to be tolerant as I was, so we started out.  Fortunately we had a DK in the group who was willing to off-tank on the spot when necessary, which proved to be rather often, and a mage who considered himself something of a "mage tank" and worked to pull things off me when the tank just totally lost it, which also happened with some regularity.  With the tank making wild off-the-wall comments about the amazing sights in Halls of Origination, confirming exactly how drunk he really was, as well as a comment mocking those who thought the instance was hard (not so hard when the other four members of your party know what they are doing and are doing their best to carry you, buster), we made it through the instance.  No wipes.  I even managed to "heal stupid" a couple of times, which, of course, NEVER happens in Heroic.

And I reached my goal.  About two bosses from the end, I reached Exalted status with the Wildhammer Clan, and after the instance was complete, headed out to Twilight Highlands to pick up my belt.

Now I'm wearing the Therazane tabard.

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  1. Greetings fellow druid. I am adding you to my following list. I like the easy style and format of your blog. Anything that has helped for you in leveling rep or getting some good gear I am all for. My main spec is Balance, I love the boomkin, but I am studying up and learning how to be a good treebeard for my guild and to offer quality healing. So I love both aspects of the druid. Looking forward to reading more, and come checkout sometime the ranting story going on over at Druid Doodling.